Monday, 30 September 2013

Masters of Professional Practice in Games Development.

And so it begins.

what was previously my Honours project blog is now transforming to become my (MProf) Games Development research blog. So here we go.

For this semester only my Modules are as follows:

Low Polygon Modelling and Textures ( AG1141A) - Ken Fee
3D Character Animation (AG1141A) - Lynn Parker
The Games Marketplace (AG1160A) - Iain Donald


Innovation and Professional Development (AG1162A) - Dayna Galloway
Computer Game Development Project (AG1165A) - Ken Fee & Grant Clarke

Which are both double-semester modules.

End of Week one. 

As this is the end of week one, I've had an introduction to all of the modules, and have been assigned some small tasks in a couple of them to have ready for the next class and been informed of the coursework.

Module Summary.

Low Polygon Modelling and Textures ( AG1141A)

This module places focus on the importance of relevant topological requirements in games. The modules' coursework consists of creating 3D models of a character, vehicle, and environment or prop. However, we are required to create versions of the models appropriate for both games and animation/films. So a low poly model and a high poly model with suitable topology.

Image available at

3D Character Animation (AG1141A)

we get to make a 3D animation ! More on this to come in a later post.

The Games Marketplace (AG1160A)

For Iain's module there will be an open book exam - my first in 4 years. And we were asked to consider the following queries by examining relevant current texts.

- How have games impacted culture (and vice versa)?
- List some seminal games and examine how they have impacted society.

Innovation and Professional Development (AG1162A) - Double-Semester Module. 

Dayna's module, as the name states, is interested in an individuals furthering of their professional thinking and practice. Much like the my undergraduate Honours Project, it appears a lot of time will be spent reading relevant literature and reflecting, and subsequent experimentation in a field I have identified in my Project Proposal. The proposal is due in January and is the only piece of required coursework for this semester and should be no less than 3000 words and be supported by a strong review of literature.

From my Undergraduate Honours Project.

Computer Game Development Project (AG1165A) - Double-Semester Module

-New blog post to follow focused on this module.