Wednesday, 17 February 2016

It's been a long, long time.

Somehow it's been almost as long since my last blog post, as the amount of time I originally used this blog for in the first place. And seeing as it felt like I ran this blog for ages, I'm officially angry at time for being a thing and also for scaring me like that. Obviously a lot has happened in my life since then, but I'll spare you the ol' catch-up story. 

So, I've been having a think about how to start up this blog again. It seems to still get some traffic, and I imagine most of that is because of all the popular IP name-dropping I used to do. But I've also had a few students get in touch to say that they've been sent to my blog by my previous lecturers, so that's cool too! 

Because I'm now working as a concept artist in industry, I can't share any of the work I do all day. However, something I sort of almost got into with this blog back in 2014 was the chance to share various thoughts on certain themes and patterns in films, games and books that interested me. And then occasionally this would lead to little micro projects for me to do in my spare time. It also just feels great to get thoughts down on a page sometimes.

I work here now.

I've also been planning on getting back into doing lunch hour paintings since I started at Dlala. So far I've had no luck mainly because we have Steam installed on the work computers. I also used to love sticking my life drawing sketches here too, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like I have a class near me at the moment. 

At the moment I'm really enjoying Firewatch. I'm also on my third re-watch of Aziz Ansari's Master of None series, which I'm obviously obsessed withI'd really love to write a little about both of them, so hopefully I'll get that sorted within the next week or so. And hey, I might even get some new personal work up too. 

Until then!

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