Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fundevogel's Lagoon.

Yesterday I spent a few hours working on some more visual development work for Fundevogel. Namely, an environment piece.

Now, the environment is not mentioned in the folk tale, but rather something that came about through my visual development silhouettes, when I was generating scenario ideas.

This idea was originally just based around him at the edge of a pond in the tale's location - the forest. But then I thought: Wouldn't it be cool if Fundevogel was really in touch with nature, (he's found in a tree after all), and had an area where he sort of went to escape, and be alone, and all jolly, and dance around? etc, etc. Think - Ariel's cave in "The Little Mermaid".


So I decided I was going to design Fundevogel a mysterious, secret grotto/lagoon getaway.

Still a W.I.P
I went into the painting with a strong shape and composition theory layout to enforce the design. I wanted the painting to promote that idea of seclusion or detachment from the rest of the world, that I had read so much about in the Art of Tangled.

Yesterday morning I also just happened to stumble across this blog post on CB. It's all about "The Golden Ratio". Great website in general.

Now obviously I had heard of this before, but I'd never actually applied it to a painting or to anything. So I used the golden spiral as an overlay for the painting on low opacity, and just hid it and unhid it as I needed.

I should also mention, I actually made a mood board before I painted this. Something I hadn't done before, (at least too seriously, I normally just have reference images open). But it actually was really helpful. I put together 4 pieces that I felt, combined, gave off the vibe that I wanted to grasp with this painting. 

Various artists.

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