Saturday, 23 March 2013

Dynamic Poses.

Another point noted during my last Progress Presentation was the fact that I haven't really experimented with costume design.

The reason for this being that I'm not very good at it. But seeing as that's not how progress works...

I've started practicing heavily with costume design and fabric. The reason I've started to practice is not simply to improve my skills, but if I can apply these new skills to my Fundevogel designs then that will benefit the project greatly.

What spurred me on, I guess, to begin this practice was some art that a student on the GDPM course commissioned me to create for his Honours showcase. Yay, money and exposure!

Anyway, it's a set of three characters I've to create, and I've almost finished two.

This is my current progress on one of the designs.

Hopefully it's obvious what sort of characters I'm trying to create here. I know it's not directly related to my research, but it's part of my personal development for costume design, so I reckon that justifies me putting it up here.

And then today, I was messing around with different poses for characters, when I started to think about how fabric would sort of fall or bend around the character in these extreme poses.

I realised that some of the lighting here is not realistic, but I didn't use any reference material and everything was from imagination. I guess you could say this is like a base knowledge of costume/fabric rendering, (Design can come later), so the next update for this will see me use reference and perhaps consider design in relation to a basic character profile or something. 

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