Monday, 13 January 2014

3D Progress.

I didn't manage to completely finish my adult character. I'm happy with where I reached considering my terrible time management this semester.

Ultimately, from the sculpt I aimed to capture the essence of my 2D design work. I could possibly argue that I spent too much time in 2D, but I think the problem is rather that I work too slowly in 3D, as my pipeline knowledge is rather limited in 3D as I've always been a 2D artist. However, the amount I've learned this semester is crazy. I can now use Zbrush for one. I can work with Dynamesh, I can retopologise meshes, I can project the detail of my high res models onto low res ones for game engines. 

As a whole I feel the strong 2D personality I created for the character served very helpful when realising it in 3D. Although I made some errors in the projecting of the model, through some amateur retopology on my part, I will be able to append these errors next time round. 

Not only that, but my understanding of Zbrush now means that the designs I can brainstorm are much more effective. One of the main errors I made in this project was the lack of extracting, or extruding, for new parts of the mesh. So for example, his rucksack, etc. are all part of one mesh, when really it would have been much more appealing to sculpt these as seperate sub tools. 

Textured with Polypaint.

3 Million poly sculpt projected onto low poly mesh in Maya for game engine. 

Maya Test & Sculpt compared

Here you can see the errors of my normal mapping by not effective retopologising.

Retopology process.

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