Friday, 10 January 2014

Updated Aim & Objectives.

Since my Research Proposal is drawing to a close now, I figured I'd throw my refined Aim & Objectives up here. With added Bonus Research Question! +++

Research Question

Can art be used to more effectively complement traditional story arcs found in games, and does this practice lend itself to the interactive intent?


With the recognition of traditional story elements in contemporary games, the aim of this research project is to further understand the relationship with art and this traditional model of storytelling, and ultimately scrutinize and demonstrate the subjective effects which it can bestow upon the aesthetics, and interactive nature of games.


Following an analysis of relevant literature, case studies, and methodologies behind the visuals of narrative-centric games, the study hopes to establish a detailed critical framework which aligns with the monomyth.

- The framework should serve the practice-based research of the project and allow for broad, intelligent designs to be contemplated and further developed.

- The project will then address the further implications of the visual arrivals, in the form of analysis and comparison specifically to the context of an interactive game environment.

- Ultimately, the project hopes to deliver an accomplished visual personality which plays to the traditional storytelling model, and is potentially relevant to engaging gameplay.

So, as you can see, in the past week or so the project has evolved enormously. Basically I realised that because traditional story patterns like the monomyth are present in seminal artistic games, I could use this as a parallel to creating my own artwork by using the pattern in my framework, and my analysis. 

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