Friday, 26 April 2013

FUN ART CARDS (formerly known as business cards)

So I decided to go with an extremely minimalistic approach to my business card design.

I'm generally just a fan of elegant, simple design when it comes to professional representation. So I always strive for that.

This is the logo on my current (out of date) CV.
Personally, I want my portfolio to be where my art is. I just need the business card to be readable, striking, sophisticated, and memorable. 

So I'm hoping this design can accomplish this.  

The silhouette is a reused one from a painting I did a while back. The design is supposed to symbolise the idea of "onwards and upwards". the idea being that the dude represents me and he's passionate in climbing the stairs and reaching the top (becoming awesome at art). I'm sure that's probably obvious, but I thought I should explain it anyway. 

As for the "visual development artist" title, I feel that represents the work I do, and enjoy, most. And I really like the term. It usually refers to the animation industry, however, it still exists in games and films. 

They're predicted to arrive on the 8th of May, and it's rather depressing how genuinely excited I am to have them. They'll have rounded corners too!

Despite having sent away for them already, I'd love to hear any opinions or feedback for future improvement on them. 

But for now,

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