Thursday, 7 November 2013

Motion Studies.

Below are some motion studies for the adult version of my character (who you can see again here). 

The adult version of the character was designed with an agile, confident figure in mind. And as such I've attempted to capture and emphasize that nature in these studies. 

I'm pleased with the way the bottom action sequence turned out. I tried to make the poses as dynamic as possible. I wanted the contours of the character to follow the line of motion as tightly as possible, and I feel that that really highlights the fluidity of the characters' actions. 

In the other sketches I've attempted to cover as many animation principles as possible (anticipation, solid drawing/weight, arc, follow through).

 I think the next thing I'm going to do is some animation tests for this personality with a suitable rig. And also some motion studies for the child version of the character. 

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