Thursday, 21 November 2013

New pipeline. Step 1: Thumbnails.

It's been a really long time since I last used thumbnails (Honours). So I really enjoyed working with them again. It's incredible how useful they can be for getting ideas down quickly and comparing them.

So in the above thumbnails I brainstormed scenarios for my warrior character (adult version).

This Guy

So as I mentioned in my previous post the reason behind these thumbnails was to take them into 3D software and block them in, including lighting, and then take into PS to create a final concept piece.

However, with the first few thumbnails I went a bit off-focus. You can clearly see in the first 2/3 I was more interested in scale/narrative/etc - basically focusing wayyyy too much on the details.

I realised this was becoming an issue during thumbnail 3. And so with thumbnail 4 I totally stripped back the styling, and only focused on values. However, I was still thinking pretty big in scale, and so with the final two I brought the scale right down, and ended up with two thumbnails I'm happy with.

Thumbnail 5: Has a nice sense of motion, and this streamlined valley could have some interesting lighting going on. However, the only materials in the picture are rocks - with a few structures in the distance. So this would probably be a very bland final composition.

Thumbnail 6. I think thumbnail 6 is the most successful of the thumbnails. It's fairly simple, ties in nicely to the character, and most of the image is in the foreground. There is also a broader range of objects/materials (grass, water, clouds, stairs, house, etc) which would make for a much more interesting rendered composition.

The next step is to begin blocking out the scene in Maya. Hopefully I'll remember to screencap this, because I want to not only work on my time, but watch it back and maybe pick up on any dumb things I did. I'm no 3D expert.


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