Friday, 16 November 2012

First Critique.

Despite my critique presentation being almost entirely practical, I received a lot of welcomed compliments on my work from Brian, Ryan & Lynn.

 I didn't record the feedback, but I did manage to quickly take note afterwards on the trusty iPad. 

What to improve on.

The "Why?" of my work. 

This was the resounding feeling in the air throughout the majority of the feedback.

I'm very guilty of getting to carried away when creating that I often forget to document or analyse decisions along the way, a least on a conscious level. I guess I've always been a bit of an introvert that way. And that doesn't help when you have relatively lengthy proposals and papers to write regularly. 

So as a suggestion from Ryan, I'm going to assess one of my previous original paintings and discuss the goods and the bads. Lynn suggested circling areas on the painting itself and writing about these specific parts which may or may not work, and what I can learn from this. (So basically a self-review).

 I actually saw this process done somewhere else recently, but unfortunately I can't remember where. So that's my task for today. 

Vehicle and Weapon design. 

I, perhaps foolishly, included a picture of some Star Wars vehicle concept art in my slideshow. 

Now I'm not, or at least hope I'm not, one of those people who draws the same thing repeatedly and tries to convince themselves that it's "relevant to my studies". 

However, I now realise that by including this picture, people naturally assumed something like: 

"Oh, he's going to do a bunch of Star Wars inspired vehicles and learn nothing. What's the point?!"

And I would have thought the same. However, it was purely just to say "here's an example of vehicle design for a film." 

If I need to design these, I'll be aiming to design fresh and interesting vehicles and weapons. I wil be developing with task in mind, not Star Wars or any other original world visual styles. 

The Positive.

Most of the practical work I've been doing has been studies of existing work by industry professionals. I like to do this because I often pick up on where new artists have perhaps received inspiration from the old masters. 

Bobby Chiu's work echo's the warmth of late art legend Norman Rockwell

This reasoning seemed to gain a few nods of agreement from my piers and tutors. So hopefully that was interesting so some people.

What's Next?

  • Research Proposal. 
  • Theories which resonate my questions. 
  • Comparing the design process between Animation and Games.
  • Analyse my own work. 

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