Saturday, 3 November 2012

Tonight's Study. And Next Steps!

Hello again. 

I've decided to start doing some more environment studies again. So before I get back into that swing of things, here's one I quickly did tonight to loosen up. 

This is based on a painting by another artist, who you can find here on tumblr. So I thought I would just state that. 

So that was a nice little exercise. 

Also, I've set a few tasks to do for the next week. Which are paramount, and WILL BE DONE.

 You have permission to steal my milk money if I don't. 

  • Literature Review blocked out. 
  • Different painting every night. 
  • Write up analysis of two films and explore and compare their concept designs and overall adaptations. 
  • Have a good ol' Starbucks observational drawing jam. Let me know if you want to come along. (It's less creepy when you're not alone.)


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