Tuesday, 8 October 2013

3D Character Animation.

The version of this module that I completed back in the third year of my undergrad was the module that really got me working hard and making great work. And someone once said you only make great work when you're doing work you enjoy. So I guess you could say I'm excited about this module.

Ok, perhaps the work I did in third year wasn't exactly great; but it was a module in which I feel I progressed the most, and without which I might have been less devoted to my work present day. 

The module has come a long way since then which is very exciting. And it I think this new setup of dailies and external competitions will be an even greater vehicle for the students of the class to hone their skills. 

 For the coursework, the Computer Arts students can choose to create an animation(s) for narrative purposes, VFX demonstration, or Games. 

Because I'm doing Games Development we've been asked to focus on creating a polished showreel of animation for games. 

However, before we dive into the coursework I'll explain the external competition I mentioned previously. 

So we're all making submissions for the 11 second club. Awesome. 

The clip for this years participants goes like this: 

Voice One: "Oh, no, everything's fine."
Voice Two: "But the animal is inside out. And it exploded."
Voice One: "Hold please."

Originally, I figured the clip would be more ambiguous than this. It seems strange that a competition which receives so many applications would use such a specific audio clip. Then again, maybe it's a good thing; maybe it helps animators to become more creative in their search for story. 

My Interpretation. 

So initially the audio clip made me picture some guy, who's animal has just exploded, on the phone to some disillusioned customer services worker.

So I went away and did some sketches to get the ball rolling. I know these character development sheets are in no way required seeing as I'll be using an existing character rig, but they're good for moulding and brainstorming your characters personality. And they make good portfolio pieces. 

However, after some more thinking I started to picture something of a buddy-movie theme in the clip. Almost like a sort of Kick-Ass & Hit Girl relationship.


Blue Jasmine (Superheroin) (Voice One)
Hal - (Teenager) (Voice Two)


After winning a competition, local teenager has the chance to see his favourite superhero(in) - Blue Jasmine - in action. However, she is not as excited about this opportunity as he is.


1. Camera is focused towards a terrified Hal, hiding behind a rock.
2. Blue Jasmine lands next to him. "Oh, no, everything's fine."
3. While Hal says "But the Animal is inside out." Blue Jasmine does some stretches, completely care-free and ready for the challenge.
4. Explosion sound is heard. Debris flies across the screen and past the characters. We see Hal duck and hide behind the rock. Blue Jasmine appears completely nonchalant to the explosion and catches a piece of the Animal which hurtles towards her.
5. Blue Jasmine hands Hal the object: "Hold please". Then leaps off screen to fight. Hal and the Creature look on in Awe.


So the plan for the next post for this module will hopefully have the basic animation blocked out.


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