Thursday, 24 October 2013

Innovation and Professional Development.

So we're now almost at the point in this module where I can now make (hopefully) informed and (hopefully) interesting blog posts.

So as I'm sure I mentioned in a previous post, this module is basically an honours project in itself.

However, unlike the honours project, we were given the option to choose a research topic from a list devised, and I think influenced by the respective tutors' area of research. The option was still there to devise your own project of course. However, some of the pre-determined project questions really stood out to me and so I e-mailed Dayna straight away to try and justify my place on the projects - which you can see below.


1st Choice: Interactive Classics: Adapting Old Texts for New Audiences and Platforms. 

As visual development for story adaptation was my honours project I was naturally excited by this one as it remains an area of great interest to me. My previous study established a framework of design theory within adaptation and used this as a catalyst for my own adaptation artwork. I've also followed the work of The Story Mechanics for some time now and am very interested in the work they do. 

In this project I would be able to provide a strong understanding of design methodologies specifically for story adaptations and of course a great deal of enthusiasm to expand my critical and reflective approach, especially to better understand the interactive potential of adaptation. 

2nd Choice: Exploring the use of abstract visuals and audio to drive the design of game mechanics within an experimental computer game.

This just sounds so awesome. Abstraction in imagery is something that has always fascinated me. And the idea of exploring abstraction interpolated between visuals and game mechanics just sounds like something I could get on board with. I'm unsure if my skills are as suited to the brief as others may be, but in terms of personal interest I think I would be a good fit and could adapt well. 

3rd Choice: Strangers in a Game.

Like many people I'm a huge fan of Journey and the way in which it handled the spontaneous interaction of genuine strangers. I would love the chance to explore the workings of this idea in greater depths. I think the psychology and existing games related to this area would be an excellent means of rapid development for innovative ideas.  


As I mentioned in the E-mail, I already have a backbone of research in terms of aesthetics and composition theory in visual development specifically for story. However, the interactive side of things was something I payed relatively little attention to. Stepping into this brief excites me because it could potentially result in me having this body of work, relative to an area I would like to work in, with which I could demonstrate and expose to potential employers.

Having had a quick chat with Ryan, who will also hopefully be involved in the project, it looks as though the concept art output would be extremely heavy, which works for me. I think working with others will be a nice change of pace, as the solitary research nature of the honours project can become disheartening and ambiguous in, well, all manners. Of course I don't mean that to sound as negative as it perhaps did (as I loved the honours project), but the thought of having regular contact with someone working in the exact same context I imagine will be so much more exciting and will undoubtedly result in questions, approaches, and discussions I, otherwise, might not have had.

I also loved Lynn's project as abstraction is something which fascinates me. However, I knew I wasn't the best suited for the project and so that, and my third choice, was more of a risk.

However, I've been assigned to the digital adaptation one so I'm looking forward to starting that. Two other students have also been assigned to this task, so it should be interesting to watch  the different ways our research paths develop.

Dayna mentioned there would be potential to go along to one of The Story Mechanics story labs. The labs are something I've checked on frequently. The next lab is in November and it's focusing on "The Protagonist", which sounds like it should be really cool. So hopefully we can all go along to that and get the ball rolling.

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