Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Getting back into Animation.

The animation I did over the Summer for Dare to be Digital was farely minimal, and not particularly well executed. The last time I really spent any real time on 3D animation was in third year and I loved it for the most part. Maya, right?

I was disappointed in myself for not completing the optional task of creating a dance animation the other week. I did actually start one, and it was going well, but I got side-tracked on other modules, and never managed to finish anything.

So today I've spent some time creating a walk cycle in Maya using the 11 Rig. My 11 second club plan doesn't include a walk cycle, but I figured I should practice a bit before diving straight into my animation.

The 11 Rig is awesome, and so I've had a great time just focusing on animation principles, without having to worry about my lackluster Maya prowess.

Here's what I've managed to get in the last few hours.

So now I'm going to block out my ESC animation, and should have more to report on that later in the week.


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