Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Low Poly Modelling and Textures.

Low Poly Modelling and Textures is a module which places interest in the appropriate topology for specific 3D model applications.

For the module we've to create low, and high polygon models for a character, a vehicle, and an environment.

The first step of this project was to complete a Personal Development Plan (PDP).

So this is what I wrote up last week, and is in no way final:

Student Name: Rory Jobson

Core Discipline: Character Art for Games and Animation.

Area of Enquiry: Stylised conceptual artwork and an efficient transition into 3D assets for games.

Agreed Action points:

- Module Blog
- Life Drawing Classes each week. (Subject to demand)
- 2-3 Digital tutors videos per week.
- Study of relevant industry professionals for each area of development and where applicable/available study the pipeline from 2D - 3D art.

Design and a contextual relation.

Character: Experimenting with pose and proportion. (Digital Sketchbook)
Vehicle: Experiment using existing methodologies. Focus on theory behind (Mechanisms).
Environment: Ongoing study of architecture and nature and how they correlate.

Agreed Deliverables:

Appropriate Visual Development (in the form of a digital sketchbook) for the creation of 3D character, vehicle, and environment assets for both low poly and high poly projects. Digital sketchbook should include the understanding and exploring of necessary topology.

All maya files for 3D models created and their corresponding texturing, mapping and rendering files.

Blog in the form of a .PDF.

I should hopefully have some artwork ready to show by the end of the week.


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