Thursday, 27 February 2014

Daily Spitpaint 2

This is only the second day, but I'm really enjoying the whole 30 minute timer thing. It's funny the compromises your brain throws in when you notice you only have 1 minute 30 left. One of the them was the smoke, It's just a soft round brush quickly stabbed over the boat funnel, although funnily enough I think it turned out alright. 

The theme was "Wise One", in that he was wise not to hang around that joint, and just take one hell of a leap onto the departing. (Originally zombies were going to be chasing him - ran out of time).

-Really bummed with how flat the hills in the background look, I kept messing them up, will need to work on that. 
-I didn't have time to add the smog to the water, so the water looks very off. Might need to reconsider the point at which I start adding the atmospheric detail. 

- I like how the clouds turned out, highlights aside.
-I like how, despite taking about 10 seconds, the boat design is pretty neat. 
-I like the sense of character and urgency the silhouettes create. 

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