Friday, 21 February 2014

Step on it.

I sit here, it's the end of week 5, and I've yet to make any significant progress in this module since my proposal. 

This is bad. 

I mean, I've done a few sketches, but nothing which supports the train of thought which fueled my proposition. 

Although I'm hesitant, I think it's perhaps crucial that I dive in, or else it's going to be too late. I think I should kick things of with a case study, and create a link to my proposal. I need to choose an interesting game, in which I recognise the hero's journey, take screenshots at the key points, as identified in the theory, and create a ton of new artwork. The case study should help me create some sort of loose framework, if nothing else. I'm also going to take the artwork straight into Maya/AE to add some motion and audio, and then I might have something of value. 

Till then,

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