Friday, 21 February 2014

Step On it 2.0

Having just come back from a meeting with Dayna, I now have a firm plan of action for the project.

The blur of thoughts which existed, regarding what made this project a Masters project, rather than a clone of my honours project, is now clear.

To summarise, this project will aim to take the essence of a story, and develop the story into game ideas, which are analysed through the MDA process, and produce a library of art which showcases this game. The art will not be simply a line up of characters or environments; rather, clear visualisations of the game which convey the aesthetic and interactive value of the game.

Key Tasks.

- Have an elevator pitch for my game for the sessions next week. (Game setting, taken from a story, the type of game, the genre constrain, which games' theory inspire it, etc.

-This of course means having a game setting established or at least noted. Dayna suggested the idea of looking at Eric Zimmermans' stuff on brainstorming to help establish a root/base framework for working my game idea, so it's looking like a fair amount of game design theory will play a part in this. I'll also try and get some opinions from industry to help with general direction.

Another idea we spoke about was the tactile method of designing for games. Games like Tearaway and Tengami convey the benefits of this, and it should be interesting to perhaps set up some scenes in craft (although not inherently paper craft, because Tearaway's already nailed that) and polish them p in photoshop.

And then as I said, add some audio and motion to them to bring them to life a bit, and emphasise the game qualities through the concept art, and not just show a pretty picture.

Really looking forward to this now.

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