Friday, 18 January 2013

A Study of Value.

value study. (edited) 
I decided to to a painting with a focus on value. Value is what makes paintings relatable to us. It can allow the artist to trick the eye into thinking it is viewing a 3D object.

I thought the view from inside a train would be a great opportunity. I decided to paint without reference entirely from imagination, to first see how much knowledge of value I already possessed.

(I realise the cheek bone area needs sorted).

I felt the finished piece had a bit of an illustrative feel to it, and so at the end I decided to play around with the "curves" option amongst other variables. And I think the high-contrast/cross-process look I ended up with serves the image well and draws the eye to personality within the face much greater than the un-edited version. (see below)

value study. (original).

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