Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Visual Style Experimentation.

One of the great resources for those of us who want to enter the Art Entertainment industry, are the "Art of" books compiled by the likes of Disney and Pixar, to video game companies such as Bioware.

These books give the reader a glimpse into all the different styles used by the artists, which are explored throughout the design process.

Art of Ratatouille

Art of Ratatouille

Personally, I find it fascinating seeing the natural quick design styles of the different artists slowly come together to finally coincide with one another.

I decided to paint a quick character line-up from "Fundevogel", and try and use a different style to see how the designs was influenced.

I actually really enjoyed trying a different style. This style was achieved by using the pencil tool in photoshop, while trying not to lift the pencil at all. 

Going to attempt a bunch of different styles and see where it leads me. 

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