Sunday, 12 May 2013

Learning Contract.

Learning Contract
Module Code: AG1084A 
Module Title: Honours Project
Student Name: Rory Erskine-Jobson
Student Number: 0900772
Telephone Number: 
Email Address:

Project Title:

A Study of Appropriate Design: Visual Development for Story Adaptation

Project Aim:

To explore the visual development process surrounding story adaptation and gain a solid understanding of how design principles are harnessed to create appealing and appropriate compositions for story art. 

  • To scrutinise existing visual development processes of adaptation projects. 
  • To establish a critical framework supported by evaluation of industry practice and relevant literature, which serves to allow the production of effective illustrative designs.
  • Develop a large collection of compelling visuals for a story. 
Major Tasks:
  • Examining and researching (adaptation) visuals, considering the principles of design.
  • Establishing a connection between aesthetic qualities and story aspects in relative concept artwork.
  • Devising a framework which can effectively vehicle, and also allow the iteration of story visuals.  
  • Establishing the character and environment designs for a story, while referring to the established framework. 
Submission Deliverables:

Learning Contract, Project Blog, Dissertation, Project Artwork (Digital & Sketchbook), Meeting Diaries. 


Sketchbooks, Adobe Photoshop & Premiere. Autodesk Maya. 

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