Saturday, 11 May 2013

Revised Final Character Designs.

So I decided to return to my orignal design for Fundevogel's design. It worked so much better as a main character. The bright hair, the exaggerated proportions, the fact that he pretty much looks like a flame lantern. (Which actually makes it pretty cool that they escape from The Cook at night time.) 

So here I thought I'd just do a rough line-up and compare to the original line-up I sketched in photoshop back in September. It's crazy to think how much I've learned since then. And it just feels like 10 minutes ago that I wrote my first blog post on this. 

I also sent away for my book tonight (46 pages!), so I'm really excited for that to arrive. Should be a really unique addition to my exposition area. 

Sketch Line-up "Fundevogel" - September 2012

Final Line-up "Fundevogel" - May 2013

Fundevogel | Digital

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