Sunday, 12 May 2013

Dare to be Digital 2013.

So this year I'm part of one of the many groups who have applied to DARE to be Digital. I'm the team leader for our team, out late games, and I'm also lead 2D artist and will be doing 3D assets and animation if our application is successful.

I came up with our team name and designed the logo. 
I should say that I made this before my business cards. I figured I could take him for my card, seeing as I drew him 'n' all.


I thought I should dedicate a post to all the artwork I've created for the game, because it's very relevant to the personal development submission area.

The game is for iPad and is named "c a i r". It follows the story of a young kite-maker who lives high in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro. One day, following a natural disaster, the player must take a leap of faith on his (bird-shaped) kite down the side of the mountain - and the game begins. Using the iPad's accelerometer, you must guide the player down the mountain through the Favelas to safety. There's more to it than that, but I'll wait to see if we get in before talking too much about it.

I also made a rough splash screen for the game, which you can see here:

The character design was inspired by games such as Bastion and Limbo. I love how the protagonists in those games are mysterious and ambiguous - yet memorable and appealing.

Visual Harmony was something I took from my honours project research and applied to this design also. The character lives in the mountains, amongst the clouds. So I took inspiration from clouds and the idea of a "peak" for his hair style. I really think it helps him connect with the game.

The Protagonist.

 His Kite.

Old designs/style tests (Unused).

These designs inspired the final character's hair.


  1. Wow.. Awesome illus' ! Great atmospheres !

  2. Thanks for the compliment dude. Appreciate it.