Thursday, 23 May 2013

Post-submission thoughts.

So everything has been handed in now.

This final year at Abertay has come and gone in the blink of an eye. I know it's such a cliché to say this, but it genuinely frightens me.

Even thinking back to first year, it doesn't seem that long ago. Yet, despite not feeling like a great deal of time has gone by, the ways in which I've grown and improved as a, for lack of a better phrase, creative individual, is something I am aware and grateful of.

For me this all boils down to the question: "Is University worth it?"

It's not a debate I want to delve right into on this blog, but it is one I often have with my friends and classmates.

In short, studying Computer Arts allowed me to actually become engaged in art creation in the way I always knew it could. But it takes a certain level of independence, enthusiasm, and self-belief to start seeing these rewards. It's this activeness and engaging that I feel has made the time fly by.

I often hear people say:

"We haven't been taught this."
"I've not been shown how to do this - do they think I'm psychic!?"

But you can't look at it like that. The success of this course for me came from this ambiguity. The course structure provided me with a taste of digital painting, 2D & 3D animation, 3D modelling, post-production techniques, research methodology, technical art skills, etc.

From these I was able to discover the area I loved. And by making this known to both lecturers and classmates, I was shown new areas to look into and consider. And this helped me become better all round. And in turn, I would also come across new areas or works, and could then pass this onto someone I thought it would be relevant to. And the cycle continues...

Sure, I haven't been taught an extensive A-Z of Photoshop. But the course isn't called "Photoshop Class"; It's called Computer Arts.  It's an urge to learn and improve which justifies the platform of "University" for me.

I stepped into first year utterly clueless. I hadn't even used anything like Photoshop before I started in September 2009.  I leave having met just an unbelievable amount of talented, passionate, and just excellent people who have helped me get better at what I love. Now I get to take all that I've learned in the past 4 years, and take the next step.

My team and I (Out Late Games) have been selected to take part in Dare to be Digital (June-August) this year. So that's something we're all overjoyed with. I'm quite glad I chose not to do Dare last year, as I feel my skills have improved so much since. I'm really excited now to contend knowing I'm much more confident in my ability to help make something we'll all be incredibly proud of (if we work hard enough).

Tomorrow the IAMG exposition/showcase kicks off. So that's a great chance to share my work with the public and see all the amazing work that's been made this year.

After that I've got 3 weeks to relax before Dare begins.

Why do I get the feeling that will go by in a flash too?

Exposition: George (Left) and myself, looking tired/confused/stressed/relieved/hungry. 

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