Saturday, 11 May 2013

How I Paint over my Sketches.

In this visual development process it can often help to have a very distinct illustrative style. Illustrators and Visual Development artists often use their quick sketches as a base layer for their character and environment designs. This lends the designs a very organic feel, and when done well, can add charisma and appeal to a character design.

I know most people will know how to do this, but if anyone happens to be interested, then this might help out. And that would be awesome.


1. Scan Sketch and open in Photoshop.

2. Change Sketch layer to "Multiply".

3. Create "New Layer" under Sketch, and paint on this.

4. to add whites (like the eyes here), just add a New Layer over the sketch layer.

You can merge all the layers after this step if you want to go on and create a clean render free of sketch  lines. But for these early development sketches, I think leaving it at this stage gives it a much more appealing illustrative style.

Did anyone find this was useful or interesting? How do you paint over your sketches?

 I quite enjoyed making this. I know it's insanely basic, but for my first "tutorial" I didn't want to do anything complex.

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  1. Hey Rory, I found it useful enough, The way I paint is some what similar, Though main problem i experience is turning my sketches into a line art because of how sketchy i draw.

    Thanks for the post :D